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Day Camp

If you have a dog or puppy with energy to burn or a dog who is unhappy being home alone all day, our day camp can help. We have play yards for every size and energy level, a new large covered play yard and our new play field. Each dog also has his own inside area to relax during scheduled quiet times. At end of each day you will bring home a dog that is well exercised and well entertained. Dogs can arrive as early as 7:00AM and can be picked up until 6:00PM

Day Camp Rates:

Per Day                 $25.00                   $25.00 (plus CT sales tax)

5 day package      $22.50 per visit     $119.64 (tax included)

10 day package    $20.00 per visit      $212.70(tax included)

Family per day       First dog full price, additional dogs half price.

For questions or more information contact Leslie at 860 875 7526