Untitled Shagg Bark Kennel - Feeding

Feeding and Grooming

Baths: Baths: We make every attempt to keep your pet clean while he is with us. However, dogs will be dogs, and after a few days splashing in the pool and playing with friends, a bath is often in order. If you want to be sure that your dog is squeaky clean and fresh smelling when he arrives home, schedule a bath and a brush out for the day he is leaving.

What We Feed: We feed Iams kibble and canned Pedigree. For an additional charge, we also serve BRAVO products for dogs eating a raw diet. We generally feed a large meal in the morning and a light snack in the afternoon.
You are welcome to bring your pet’s own food and, if your pet has special feeding requirements or schedules, we will be happy to accommodate! If you bring your own food, please be sure to label it and include written instructions.