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If your pet is taking medication or has special medical needs, please be sure to clearly label all medications and include carefully written instructions.

In the event that your pet requires medical care during his visit, we will bring him to his veterinarian if available. Otherwise we will bring him to.

Vaccinations: Your pet’s health during his visit is of the utmost importance to us. Be sure that all vaccinations that your veterinarian recommends are up to date well before his visit. In addition, we strongly recommend that your dog receive a Bordatella vaccination within 6 months of his visit. If your pet is due for a Bordatella vaccine it is important to schedule it at least 2 weeks before his planned visit. Bordatella vaccine helps prevent canine cough, an upper respiratory infection, which, while rarely serious, is very contagious. Bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination record with you. State law requires that we have a copy of your pet’s rabies certificate on file while he is with us.